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Sometimes a business may want to transact business under a different name than its official Corporate name. This is referred to as using an Assumed Name, or Assumed Corporate Name.

Some states refer to an Assumed Name as a "Fictitious Name", "Trade Name" (not trademark) or "DBA" (Doing Business As). Using an Assumed Name allows you to present yourself to the public as a different business entitiy, while using only one Corporation or LLC and keeping only one set of books.

A business with an Assumed Name is not separate from its owners. An Assumed Name in itself does not include the liability protections of a registered Corporation.

Corporations and LLCs often use an Assumed Name to market a separate product or service. Owners of a business with an Assumed Name are responsible for all business legal obligations and taxes.

If you want to operate under an Assumed Name you are required to register, usually in the county in which you are going to conduct business. In some states an Assumed Name has an expiration date.


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