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Corporations are legally required to conduct Annual Meetings
Each state has laws that govern Corporations.  The laws differ from state to state but all states have requirements for Corporate Meetings.  This includes Meetings of the Shareholders and Board of Directors of the Corporation.  At a minimum the state statutes require Annual Meetings of both the Shareholders and Board of Directors. 

In many small Corporations the same people make up both the Shareholders and Board of Directors.  In these cases only one Meeting is required.  However, if there are different Shareholders than Board Members then the statutes usually require separate meetings.

The Shareholders Meeting usually includes the election of the Board of Directors for the coming year and any other business that may be of interest to the Shareholders.  A Meeting of the Board of Directors is usually held immediately after the Shareholders Meeting to elect Officers of the organization for the next year and to approve any matters that have been presented to the Board.
Minutes are your evidence that a Meeting was actually conducted
Properly kept minutes include:
  • Who was at the meeting and in what capacity
  • Results of any elections which took place at the Meeting
  • Reports both internal and external which were presented at the Meeting
  • Resolutions which were adopted at the Meeting
Meeting Minutes should be kept with your other important Business Documents, such as your Articles of Incororation. A copy of the Meeting Minutes is evidence that the Meeting took place and that matters stated in the Minutes actually transpired.

State law requires that the Minutes of Meetings of Shareholders and Board of Directors be open for inspection by any Shareholder, Director, or Trustee of the Corporation.
What happens if I don't conduct Meetings and keep Minutes
If your corporation has not kept adequate Minutes of Shareholder and Board Meetings this could put your Corporation at risk.  Conducting Annual Meetings and keeping Corporate Minutes of those Meetings are both required by law - in all states.

While most states do not vigorously check whether you've conducted Annual Meetings and kept Minutes, if legal or financial problems should affect your Corporation, not fulfilling these Annual Corporate obligations could result in your Corporation being suspended.

If your Corporation is suspended by the Secretary of State, you cannot legally conduct business and may not sue or defend a law suit.  Contracts made by a suspended Corporation can be voided at the option of the other party.  Compounding the problem, it may be a criminal act to attempt to perform any of these Corporate actions while the Corporation is suspended.
What service does All Business Documents provide?
We will produce transcripts of your Corporate Minutes that are in full compliance with any applicable state law.

We will email your transcribed Minutes within two business days of the day you placed your order and follow that up with a hard copy by USPS Priority Mail.

The fee for our Meeting Minutes service is $0.00.  There are no hidden fees.  We have helped thousands of Corporations and LLCs stay in compliance with the Corporate Laws in all 50 states and have been in Business for over ten years.
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List any resolutions which were adopted at the Meeting.
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