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DBA stands for "Doing Business As". A DBA is sometimes referred to as a "Trade Name", "Assumed Name", or "Fictitious Name". A DBA is not separate from its owners. A DBA in itself does not include the liability protections of a registered Corporation.

Corporations and LLCs often file a DBA to market a separate product or service. For businesses that have not registered as a Corporation or LLC, if there is one owner the DBA operates as a Sole Proprietorship; if there is more than one owner the DBA is classified as a General Partnership. Owners of a DBA are responsible for all business legal obligations and taxes.

If you want to operate as a DBA you are required to register, usually in the county in which you are going to conduct business. For example, Susan Smith Doing Business As Smith Bakery.

In some states a DBA has an expiration date.


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