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  • We can create customized initial Bylaws for your Corporation that are based on your specific state and business requirements.
  • As your company grows over time, you may amend your Bylaws as necessary. we can help you amend your Bylaws quickly and efficiently.
  • Bylaws usually require you to keep minutes of your first Board of Directors meeting. When you order Bylaws with your incorporation package, we will also prepare the minutes for you.
Bylaws are the internal rules by which your corporation must operate. Every new Corporation requires Bylaws. Almost anything may be written into the Bylaws, however, the Bylaws must not be in violation of any law or your Company's Articles of Incorporation.

The law does not require privately owned Corporations to file bylaws in the public record. Bylaws of privately owned Corporations may become part of the public record in a few different ways:  The company voluntarily discloses the bylaws; litigation compels public disclosure of the bylaws or SEC regulations may require private company bylaws to be part of the public record if a public corporation acquires or sells a private company.


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